SHEIN complaint: Forcing me to pay and make returns in 3 different posts

on 29 May 2022 about SHEIN in category Fashion

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My complaint:

I ordered from Shein in three batches, back-to-back. I have 1 or 2 items to return from each batch as they don’t fit me too well.

Shein customer service is insisting I send them back in 3 different batches for their easier processing, and that I pay the shipping fee for all 3 different returns.

When I asked if I can send it as 1 package to save on shipping fees, they said no. When I asked for a discount on the return fees since I ordered a fairly huge amount all 3 times, they also said no.

Customer service personnel Alyssa was completely unhelpful.

Suggested solution:

They should give me a discount on the return shipping fees, or at least let me return them all in 1 package since they are all being sent to the same location anyway.

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