Most Common Sheetz Complaints and Tips

While Sheetz is widely appreciated for its convenience and variety, complaint data from our community has highlighted several recurrent issues that customers face. Common complaints revolve around problems with food quality and cleanliness, such as stale products or incorrect orders, along with concerns about restroom hygiene. Another frequent issue is related to the timely deposit of money into customer bank accounts via Sheetz services.

To avoid these issues, we advise customers to double-check their orders before leaving the store and to immediately report any issues with food quality or cleanliness. If using financial services, it is also prudent to keep all receipts and monitor transactions closely, contacting customer service promptly if any discrepancies arise.

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Our sentiment meter has detected that Sheetz complaints over the past 28 days have remained within our normal fluctuation range, showing a change of 0%. While some customers might experience challenges with Sheetz, the steady level of complaints indicates that there hasn’t been a surge in widespread issues recently.

Sentiment data last updated on June 17, 2024

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How to contact the customer service of Sheetz?

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You can contact the customer service of Sheetz by calling 1-800-487-5444. If you want to reach out to Sheetz through their own website, you can use their contact form.

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Complaint from Cann on 11 March 2024 about Sheetz.

My complaint is that mod are not doing there job on 2nd shift! Bathrooms, fizz city and coffee stations are left empty and Bathrooms unattended! EVERY SINGLE SHIFT! I Understand it gets busy, but when I... Read more

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I deposited money into my bank

Complaint from LuisN on 11 January 2024 about Sheetz.

I deposited 500.00 into my card and it vanished I needed to pay my car payment and it was all I had this made my payment late and almost had it repossessed because of doing business with your company. Read more

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Complaint from Tmack on 28 December 2023 about Sheetz.

I did an online order last night paid for it it’s my usual large cheese curds cup of gf and chicken Tori’s I spend a lot of money with u guys and follow you loyalty when I stood there for... Read more

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Complaint from Joey Spencer on 29 November 2023 about Sheetz.

Men's restroom was disgusting. Toilets was not flushed and very dirty looks like someone stood on toilet and broke seat shoe print all over seat. No toilet paper in one stall and only half one in the other. Trash cans was... Read more

Comments: 0

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