Sams Club complaint: Terrible

Complaint from C.Jennings60 reported on 22 January 2024 about Sams Club

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My complaint:

Hello, I sent my son inside the Sam’s Club who happens to be a card holder for over 10 years and he had a cart with food in it for me. He had my card which was hard to swipe, the store clerks and manger said they don’t punch in numbers off the Independent card. Which was a bold lie, they have done it before. This happened today 1/19/2024 at the Sam’s location No. 6239
15 Texas station ct. That was no way to treat a customer and I am disabled and my son goes to the store for me all the time there. So he was forced to leave the food there because I told him I would go to Walmart and I didn’t want him to use his personal at that moment. You don’t treat a customer that way and the manager was loud and made it no better.

Suggested solution:

Fairness equality

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