Complaint: Refused boarding even though I was in my rights to fly adhering to Covid Rules

on 12 July 2020 about RyanAir in category Airlines

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My complaint:

12th July 2020 Lviv, Ukraine – Reservation: E2C4JI

Today I was denied boarding a flight I booked from L’viv to Rome.
I was within my legal rights to board the flight and I adhered to all rules regarding travel to Italy and the Covid 19 rules required.

I am a British Citizen with Italian residency, I filled in the necessary paperwork (see attached photos) that were sent to me by the Italian Consulate via email from their offices in Kyiv Ukraine.

The lady at the Ryan air check-in desk sent someone at Ryanair photos of the documents I had, after a while she got a reply from Ryanair saying that I could not board the flight as I was just visiting, meaning that I was just trying to catch a flight for the hell of it maybe.
Who “just goes for a visit” on a one-way ticket?

If the recipient of the email that was sent from the girl at the check-in desk in L’viv had bothered to zoom in or even take a quick look at the website (see screenshot) then they would have seen that I was totally able to fly home to Rome today and that I gave “good reason” to do so in the section of the form sent to me by the Italian consulate.

I am not going to Italy to just visit, I need to go home to Italy to 1 – help my sister look after our ailing 82 year old Mother, 2 -to change the address of my Italian residency from the Province of Asti to the Province of Grossetto, 3 – to re apply for documents (photographic) that were stolen.

I totally understand the paranoia of ground staff wanting to get things right in order to not put Ryanair in a spot with the current rules etc.

The problem I see is that none of the staff at the airport have an idea what to do apart from the basic check-in procedures etc, sadly they seem to be out of their depth and under informed which leads to errors, confusion and stress, I had to endure this stress this morning.

I am allowed to fly to Rome from Ukraine as long as I fill in the correct forms, which I did after being sent the forms via email from the Italian consulate in Kyiv,

I prepared myself for this flight in the proper manner, I got information sent to me via the proper channels, I was totally in my rights to travel but I was denied travel by staff who were ill informed and that basically did not know what they were doing.

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Suggested solution:

I am kindly asking for another flight to be booked and for me to be allowed to fly as allowed by the current laws of Italy regarding me being allowed to fly to Italy, failing that could you please be so kind as to issue me a refund for the flight and the excess baggage I paid for but was not able to use due to today’s disastrous turn of events. (Euro 50)

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9 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about RyanAir

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