Complaint: Re-charged for my boarding pass

on 12 October 2020 about RyanAir in category Airlines

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I was due to fly to Lisbon on Tuesday 9th October with my friend, we were checked in, we had reserved seats and we had claimed our boarding pass. However, Ryanair changed our flight to Monday 5th October, which was fine, perfect we had another day on holiday. So I went back to and the app to double check we were still checked in, which we was (proof provided), our boarding passes were there and our flight details said Monday 5th Oct- Friday 9th Oct. We went to the airport and went to go through security, but our boarding passes did not work. So we asked the lady working security and explained our situation and she said it was weird and that we should go to the Ryanair counter and ask could they reprint our boarding passes and that they should do it for free, considering we were checked in to our flight and it was a fault of Ryanair for not renewing our boarding passes. So we did. Then the girl working the Ryanair counter, who was very rude and unprofessional, had the cheek to say that I had checked myself out of my own flight, which is not an option to do anywhere and we triple checked it said checked in, with the proof provided. And if I had checked myself out of my flight, I would have gotten an email to say last chance to check into your flight, right? Which I didn’t, so there was no way. She said the only way for us to get onto our flight was to pay £55 each which is an absolute joke anyway considering our flights were only like £40 one way. So when we tried to get through to her saying listen there is no way we could have checked ourselves out of our flight, she began to get ruder and ruder, speaking to her colleagues about us as if we weren’t even there. Then when we eventually agreed to pay because they made it clear there was no other way, even though it was no fault of ours, Ryanair just didn’t update our boarding passes, she began to become all nice and polite, only for the fact they were getting money out of us! Absolute joke of an airline if you ask me, I will never be flying budget with Ryanair again because in the end you may aswell pay for a seat with an airline with a decent service as youre paying that for Ryanair, without the decent service. Ill be going to their budget competitiors, give them my money instead! I want the amount of £110 I had to pay at the airport refunded! This complaint has been published on

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Refund me the £110 I had to pay to renew boarding passes that they should have.

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