Royal Caribbean complaint: Booking has been cancelled and unable to reverse

Complaint from Hannahz reported on 04 December 2023 about Royal Caribbean

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My complaint:

I received missed call today left voicemail said my booking would be cancelled if I don’t make the final payment. I rang them straight away and was told my booking has been cancelled and unable to reverse. She mentioned they sent me three emails for payment reminder, I didn’t receive any of them, I have their app and even booked activities in the app, also didn’t receive any notifications regarding the remaining payment.

They sold my booking without notifying me and now ask me to pay 5000 instead of my remaining balance of 1159.44! This is ridiculous! All the emails just about selling their activities! Nothing about my booking!

Suggested solution:

I want my booking back and only pay the remaining balance. I am more than happy to pay what should to pay but not FOUR to times more!

Royal Caribbean complaint Booking has been cancelled and unable to reverse
Royal Caribbean complaint Booking has been cancelled and unable to reverse
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Comment by poster of the complaint Hannahz

5 months ago - I received couple emails this morning still about their sales, they have cancelled my booking and still sending me sales emails. I can receive notifications regarding sales in their App, no payment notifications! That is ridiculous, they only care about sales not customer satisfaction! I rang them and they send me the payment email again, automatically sent my junk mail box, the email sent from would anyone know this was not from a scammer? Unbelievable!

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