Roblox complaint: Toxic Boys

on 28 August 2022 about Roblox in category Gaming

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My complaint:

These 4 boys were playing in a public server and Me and my older brother joined, my older brother was the sheriff in a round and killed one of the boys and my brother usually like does the laugh emote for fun, but the guys didn’t like it, and they called him a slender because Hes actually dressed as Andrew Tate idk why, But then the Guys kept spamming ez in the chat and I said it’s actually spelled Easy ?? And they started to ambush me and gang up on me. And one of the guys had like white shirt on and jeans and black hair combo and they killed me danced on my body called me names and said they reported me shot me for no reason when I wasn’t even the murder. In the game…! They got me banned for 1 day butHow come Roblox did not do anything I got banned for 2 things I said. and They were so rude and toxic to me? What’s that about! They jumped on me made me feel like. What is that! Roblox needs to do better

Suggested solution:

By banning them for a day! Like they did to me... maybe even for 2 days because they were way worse to me, all I did was try to defend the server and help and defend myself and I got banned? Thats not right what they did to me was not okay. Roblox do something about it.

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