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Complaint from ThatBigMan34 reported on 06 September 2023 about Roblox

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My complaint:

Hello the reason I am filling out this complaint against Roblox is because they are refusing to restore my account. On June 7, 2023, my Roblox account was terminated because me and my were saying jokes to each other. Apparentl, Roblox thought I was harassing him and deleted my account. I was pretty shocked because I was didn’t understand the concept of the ban. A few minutes later I made a appeal to Roblox Support saying I am sorry if I did anything wrong. A few days go by I get a message from Roblox Support saying that the consequence would not be adjusted. I was sad because I wasn’t harming nobody. All I was trying to do was play with my friend as best friends Roblox thought I was harassing him. My account username is ThatBigMan34. I have proof the account is mine because I took a screenshot of a QR code of my account to prove it is mine. I will also provide screenshots of what they said. I even did a second appeal and they denied that and I also tried to get a refund but they denied it as well. A resolution to this will be to have the account reinstated and everything in the account restored.

Suggested solution:

I think how they should resolve my complaint is having the account reinstated and everything in the account restored. That would be a good resolution to this complaint.

Roblox complaint Roblox Complaint
Roblox complaint Roblox Complaint
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