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My complaint:

I don’t know if it was by an app update, but one day I was no longer signed in into my Robinhood app. So I tried to sign in manually……and the app no longer recognized my login. So obviously next step is to try to contact tech support …… which doesn’t exist outside of the app (no phone number or email listed). Tried to request a password reset, which never happens ( no follow resent email is ever send). So I have to sit down and do some digging to find out that Robinhood has shut out alot of users since their court settlement case without communication to those users. And sadly they have taken my money, be what little there was there with no way for me to get it back. It’s straight up criminal, and I’m angry I don’t have a way to fight to get my money back other than file complaints such as this.

Suggested solution:

Provide contact support and allow users to access their sharesmoney. Whether they stay with them or chose to close the account and sell off the shares give the users their money back in whether form they see fit.

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