Publix complaint: customer service / supplies in deli not stocked

Complaint from redhotmad reported on 06 March 2024 about Publix

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My complaint:

I visited the store at 8am and observed a group of employees conducting a morning meeting near the front door, ironically right at customer service. I found it amusing since they were not available to assist customers. During my visit, I picked up a loaf of French bread and attempted to purchase two sale items from the deli, but they were not in stock. With three items in hand, I proceeded to checkout, noticing only one cashier was available and there were no self-service options. The line was long, filled with carts heavy with groceries. I attempted to make my purchase at the customer service desk, only to be informed it was closed. It puzzled me why the meeting had to take place at the front door, obstructing access to customer service. Additionally, the store consistently struggles with maintaining the single middle bathroom, which often lacks toilet paper, suffers from water leaks, and is not kept clean.

Suggested solution:

Ensure that bathrooms are stocked with toilet paper and kept clean, keep the store well-stocked, and provide a dedicated cashier for checkout lanes marked for 10 items or less, along with a second lane for customers with more items. Avoid holding employee meetings in the customer service area to ensure that it remains accessible for customer use. After all, customer service should be available for customers, right?

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