Prime Video complaint: You are taking £18.77 out of my account each month for services I didnt subscribe too and dont use.This has been going on since may 2022

Complaint from rajabrookes reported on 20 October 2023 about Prime Video

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My complaint:

From May 2022, you have been taking £2.79 on the 14th of each month and £8.99 on the 6th of each month and from September 2022 £6.99 from my account. I do not subscribe to Prime Video Channels or Amazon Prime. I have only just had this made aware to me through a close acquaintance who has looked at my bank statements. I have cataracts.Please return this money. I do not have a subscription with you.

Suggested solution:

I need for Amazon Prime and Prime Video Channels to stop taking money out of my account by debit transaction and to return all this money to me.

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