Poshmark complaint: Buyer never returned items

on 04 October 2022 about Poshmark in category Fashion

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My complaint:

A buyer purchased six items from me for over $300. She then tried to contact me to change the size of two of the items after she had already made the purchase. I did not see her messages until I had already shipped her order. Poshmark has a no return policy unless the items sold are not as described. Upon finding this out, she then stated there was a hole in one of the items she bought from me. I sell retail and get my items directly from vendors and it’s highly unlikely there was a hole. Regardless, I had no problem accepting the return. Poshmark sent her a return shipping label on 9192022 and according to their TOS, she had five days to ship the items back to me.

Poshmark doesn’t allow partial returns, so all six items had to mailed to me. I haven’t received anything and according to the tracking number provided by Poshmark, there has been no activity at all with regards to this shipping label’s tracking number. I have contacted Poshmark on several occasions, both on the app and by email. The last response I received was on September 23rd when they told me that they would release my funds should there not be any activity on the tracking within a day or two. It’s now been two weeks and nearly a month since these items were sold to the buyer. I don’t know what to do. I do not want to get banned from Poshmark as it is my sole source of income. However, I am out of six pieces of expensive merchandise and I’m owed over $300 in earnings. So, I’m essentially out over $600. I am wondering if I can file a criminal or civil complaint against the buyer. Again, I don’t want to upset Poshmark to the point they ban me as I have no other platform in which to sell the 7,000 items I currently have in stock. I am in desperate need of guidance! I’ve been in tears for days over this.

Suggested solution:

The buyer should return my items or Poshmark should release my earnings.

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