Popeyes complaint: Supervisor harassment and wrongful termination

Complaint from Humanin Nature @25 reported on 27 June 2023 about Popeyes

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My complaint:

She called me her only employee from last year that she had left mental crazy after a intoxicated lady complained about me wrongfully . I checked the food without touching it and told what we had . She came 5 minutes before closing and that lady dias,fire her or else and **** called *** and he finally got he wanted . An excuse .

I got defensive and said some things with out thinking and it’s ok .I can do without a job where my manager **** calls me mental crazy when she’s lost multiple employees for the same reasons. Pay cut severly reduced hours. My name do not want to disclose yet bc she threatening the police. On me

Suggested solution:

Nobody did I lost my job and 5 employee quit after mistreatment.

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