PlaySpot complaint: PlaySpot refusing cash out

on 03 March 2023 about PlaySpot in category Gaming

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My complaint:

I played this a year ago and got a PayPal cash out, great. Played again this year and got 20,010 coins and tried for an Amazon card but as soon as I enter my details in the app it had an error message. Tried it for PayPal too and the same message.

I contacted them and initially were helpful asking for screenshots but then said they picked up suspicious activity and won’t pay out. I’ve chased twice asking them to look into this but now refusing to acknowledge me.

Looking at other reviews there seems to be others having the same issue with a 2nd payout

Suggested solution:

To pay out the £20 Amazon gift card as I have sent photo and video proof and wipe out my coins as a fair way for me not to try and get another reward from them.

PlaySpot refusing cash out
PlaySpot refusing cash out
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