Complaint: This is the worst casino I have ever been at 100%

on 19 March 2021 about Planet 7 Casino in category Gambling

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My complaint:

I’m actually actually really tired of saying this story over and over again here goes I made an account at Planet 7 before depositing I asked support if my account was good to go because I didn’t want any hassle when I wanted to cash out after I win after some time of them trying to get me to deposit and not answering my question directly they finally said yes you are good to go I went and played on a machine and the Machine was betting $25 in spin and it hit a bonus and as the reels were spinning they kept spinning and wouldn’t stop the game was glitching out after I 1-800 and then it just kick me off the server completely I probably would have had a thousand to 1500 if that wouldn’t have happened anyway I had 800 off of $100 deposit which was another bulshit saying trying to deposit I use my Visa card and it took me to a Bitcoin site because their visa doesn’t work or something is like a scam there trying to get me to buy Bitcoin for them anyway I asked to cash out and everything goes smoothly and I fill out the most paperwork I’ve ever filled out in my life and verified emails and went to verified IDs at different websites and scan this document did this document do this document do this document and I did every single thing they wanted and then I go to bed and the next day I go to deposit 100 more because I’m feeling pretty good and when I go to deposit all the buttons with different currency exchanges wouldn’t let me press them and I was sent to live check out service cash out service and they said unfortunately you have been revoked from the casino and they immediately booted me off without any explanation then I went to live chat support and I tried to tell them what was going on but they would not listen to me they just kept talking about depositing and saying stupid s to me like they were robots or something then they would send me back to the cashier and I told him no don’t do that and when they did that they automatically kick me off and then I go back to them and before I would give him any account information I said listen if I do not tell you to send me the cashier to not send me don’t you dare send me until I’m done talking to you you understand I tried to make it very clear they kept screwing around they could never tell me why I was booted the last time they believe me I wasn’t able to log back into my account so now I’m stuck in limbo not knowing if they’re going to cash me out or what motherfukers. But I documented every single thing on video before I even started playing and I have every single transcript and I got everything on these kind of suckers

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Pay me my $800 a written apology and an explanation as to why you kick me off your Casino and I want you to give somebody who always asks for free chips who you know is a piece of s I want you to give him a free hundred dollars chip no playthrough just give it to him be nice for once in your life c

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