Peloton complaint: High Five Feature Harassment

on 18 January 2023 about Peloton in category Sports Store

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My complaint:

I have been a Peloton owner for three years now and have generally been happy with my bike. However, there has been a growing trend of reported harassment issues related to the High Five functionality that Peloton will not allow the user to turn off. I have personally witnessed the issues others have reported. It’s completely intrusive to the workout. I can’t tell you how many times I am in the middle of a workout and get a “pop out” request for a High Five that bleeds out into the screen viewing area and won’t disappear until I react. I try to dismiss the High Five every opportunity I can, but in doing so, it interrupts my workout flow and the fumbling of my finger across the screen to dismiss it, often brings up the pause button which I don’t want at all. Many times, if you don’t react to someone’s High Five, they will continue to send it over and over again. This is where the harassment issue comes in. There is currently an online article that addresses spamming issues. I have tried to get an answer from customer support on how I can disable the feature andor request that a disable feature be added. Support refuses to answer. It seems obvious to me they are too proud of the feature and don’t want to address its drawbacks that include potential harassment. I feel that there should be a level of privacy offered to your riders where they aren’t subjected to interruptions. I don’t mind being present on the leaderboard screen, but I do mind it when others have the ability to reach out and interrupt my ride, forcing me to react to dismiss it.

Suggested solution:

Add an option to disable the HIGH FIVE feature which allows riders to be harrassed during their workout

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