Opodo complaint: Refund

Complaint from Nazifa Faqeryar reported on 23 April 2024 about Opodo

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My complaint:

I book a flight (turkish airline) France-Iran), but because of the recent issue happened between Iran and Israel the French government warned to fl8ght to Iran. Even the turkish airline announced for 100% refunds for travellers to Iran. But Opodo didn’t refund me 100%. My ticket was so expensive (1192Euro) compared the one my sister bought from Belgium the same distination, airline and date(795 euro). She get 100% refund too. I will never buy again my tiket from Opodo and I don’t recommend others too.

Suggested solution:

According to the airline policy they should refund me all my money.

Opodo complaint Refund
Opodo complaint Refund
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