Opodo complaint: No full refunds

Complaint from Apple reported on 02 March 2024 about Opodo

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My complaint:

I had a bad experience with Opodo that s I will never use their services again. In January 2023, I accidentally signed up for Prime membership. Despite my immediate attempts to cancel it, the payment went through and couldn’t be refunded due to the 30-day limit. Recently, on 28/2/24, I discovered that a renewal charge of £70 was deducted from my account.

When I contacted customer service on 29/2/24 to request a refund, I was only refunded £50 and given a voucher, which I find unacceptable. The customer service representative repeatedly asked if I could hear her due to poor connection, making the experience even more frustrating. It’s disappointing that the company’s terms and conditions prevent full refunds for customers in situations like mine.

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