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on 23 June 2022 about in category Travel

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My complaint:

I booked flights from Cebu, Philippines to Montreal, Quebec for June 30, 2022 through the website on May 9, 2022. Itinerary showed layover in Japan (with arrival in Haneda and departure in Narita). However, when I reached the embassy of Japan, I was told that Japan does not allow passengers to change airports due to quarantine measures. Upon knowing this, I called mytrip customer service on May 17, 2022 and told the agent (Saud P.) that I could not take the flights booked because I could not transfer from Haneda to Narita during the layover. The agent told me that I could cancel the tickets and get a refund or have open tickets. Initially, I wanted to cancel and have the refund but when I asked about open tickets whether I could use different routes and airlines he told me those were possible. So I ended up picking the open tickets.

After a few days, I called again to use the open tickets but the agent told me I could only use the same route and airlines. I insisted that they review my call with the agent who converted my tickets to open tickets because I wanted to use different routes since it wasn’t possible for me to have layover in Japan and change airports. The agent told me it wasn’t possible and same as a few more agents whom I spoke to. I told all of them that I wanted to cancel and ask for a refund instead but they all told me cancellation was not possible contrary to that agent Saud P who converted my tickets to open tickets told me.

It was very stressful and costly talking to the customer service representatives and no resolution has been made. It was partly a mistake of the website for posting flights which are not possible for travellers to take. I’ve been sending emails to customer service to cancel and received feedback that they could not give me a refund. I insisted they review the conversation with Saud P who told me it was possible to cancel. I was persistent in asking for a refund, and the last email I got from them said rerouting was possible and that I should do rebooking by contacting them via phone which was not possible also. Wait times are too long and I don’t get to talk to an agent. I sometimes get international calls which I think is from them but just ring once not giving me enough time to answer.

Now I have been sending them numerous emails about using the open tickets but I don’t get any response anymore. My last email to them was that I wanted to have a refund since I had not heard from them for quite a while.

Suggested solution:

They should give me a refund since the flights they posted were not possible for travellers to take. Customer service is very poor and inconsitent. I deserve to have my money back and use it to book flights. I'm supposed to go back to Canada but I couldn't afford to as I need the refund.

Refund Open tickets
Refund Open tickets
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