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Double Luggage Charge

Complaint from on 14 July 2021 about in category Travel

We booked flight tickets with Mytrip from Glasgow to London on 12 July including a fee of £79.98 for 2 items of additional luggage, each of 23 Kg. On arrival at the check in desk Glasgow airport, we were told... Read more

Refund mistake

Complaint from on 10 July 2021 about in category Travel

Dear Sir, I have been calling ´mytrip´ call center for more than 10 days. I booked a ticket to go from Berlin to Beirut, the last name of one of the passengers was filled mistakenly incorrect. when I called on... Read more

Unfair refund charges

Complaint from on 08 July 2021 about in category Travel

I bought a ticket month ago for Jet2 flight from London to Bulgaria from One week later I have received email from Jet2, that the flight is cancelled because covid-19. Three weeks later no refund yet! I have contacted... Read more

no answer

Complaint from on 08 July 2021 about in category Travel

I wasn't expecting this bad experience with a company I've respected for years I booked my ticket to the USA via Air Canada. I didn't know that I needed a transit visa so i tried to change my booking via the... Read more