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on 17 May 2022 about in category Travel

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My complaint:

I want to file a complaint about the incident which led to a financial loss and mental trauma to me where mytrip did not work in the right spirit and in the good faith of doing business. I and my friend booked following TAP flights with mytrip:
7th May 2022: London – Lisbon TP1351 (order number: LJ5NSD)
9th May 2022: Lisbon – London TP1366 (order number: LJ5NSD)

When We reached the London airport my boarding pass was not given to me stating that my vaccination certificate is not accepted by the Portugal govt. I went to get the Covid test done and by that time I had missed my flight. We called to mytrip and explained the whole situation where customer care representative mentioned that they cant help much on this. I went to the TAP sales counter to reschedule the flight and I was told that it would cost 350 pounds per person which we could not pay and therefore we booked an evening flight from another airline which was reasonable.
To return to London, when I reached Lisbon airport I was denied check-in and the TAP representative stated that they cant find the return booking. We called mytrip customer care where they informed that airline might have cancelled your return ticket because you were a no-show on an onward flight. I asked with mytrip customer care if any help can be provided and he mentioned that he can not help anything. I waited an hour to discuss with the TAP representative about the possible solution but the only solution they gave was to buy a ticket worth 600 Euro per person. Given the high price, I had to book a hotel overnight, booked a reasonable ticket from another airline for the next day and after that only i could leave Lisbon. I missed my office the next day and it had implications on my key deliverables in the office the next day.
– When I was denied boarding at London Airport, I was not informed by mytrip customer care that the return flight would also be cancelled while I had discussed elaborately with the representatives about tickets. Given that I am mytrip customer, it is mytrip’s duty to inform me of any such condition which can make huge mental trauma to me
– Even TAP Terms Conditions (TC) say that if I advise TAP in advance then you won’t cancel the reservation for my subsequent flight. Being at the airport and discussing elaborately with TAP representative about my ticket and then denying boarding by TAP representative is not enough information from my side? Also, our discussion with mytrip customer care was very elaborate and therefore i had given enough notice to both airline and mytrip which should have ensured that my return ticket is not cancelled. Despite that mytrip neither advised me that it is not an enough notice nor informed me that my return flight is on risk
– At no stage, We were informed that return tickets have been cancelled even though my email id and my phone number are there in the records with mytrip
– Also, no TC were shared with me when I received the ticket which mentions that my return ticket would be cancelled and therefore to me, it looks like the case of deliberately hiding one of the key information for a customer
– At lisbon airport, when i called mytrip customer care, i was not provided any helpoptions and was just left to the mercy of the airline

The whole incident has led to mental trauma as well as financial loss and I think mytrip has not acted in good faith in doing its business and did not deal in this case fairly and with reasonable behaviour. Over and above, mytrip hid very critical information from its customer which has led to this mental trauma for me. I am looking for the resolution of this before I make a formal complaint to the consumer council for the mental trauma I have gone through.

Suggested solution:

Compensate me for the extra cost incurred

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