Myprotein complaint: Issues with a returns

Complaint from LeahK406 reported on 25 January 2024 about Myprotein

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My complaint:

I returned the order (£238 order) on 12/9/2023 to my local evri shop, I went through my account to produce a barcode to scan to send this back. On 1st October I contacted your customer service team via message to request an update given the length of time this had taken, and given the tracking details showed this was on its way back. I was advised by your customer service team this has been raised with the investigations team and would take 3-5 working days. On the 3rd October I requested an update, and was advised on the 4th October that the warehouse team was being contacted to request an update on my parcel, as it was advised on tracking that it was on its way back to the hut group and any communication needed to go through yourselves.

On the 8th October I requested a further update, and was advised on the 9th October this was being chased up and I needed to allow 24-48 hours.

I asked for another update on the 13th October, and received the below response;

Hello, you are chatting with Lulama from MyProtein. I hope you are well.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.

Please be advised that we have not received your order as the tracking states that it’s on it way back to us, I can see that this was raised with our Investigation Team to check a status of your return. Is there anything else that I can assist you with?

I requested an update on the 16th October, with again no updates and I was advised to wait.

On the 20th October I requested another update, given I was out of pocked £240 for an order I did not have, I was advised there is an update from the 18th October to state the investigations team is looking into this.

I reached out on the 25th October, following an email from your investigations team to advise the returns receipt was incorrect and that they had closed my account and refused a refund. Confusing considering the previous advisor had stated that they had not received the parcel and the tracking stated it was on its way back to the company?

I responded with images of the parcel being tracked through evri and asked how this was incorrect, I was advised by Bonnie that a manager would be taking over and to allow 2 minutes for this. A manager took over the chat, who advised the returns receipt was incorrect, I asked how and sent screenshots. There was no response as to how or why this was incorrect, just that it was ‘incorrect’, when I sent the screenshots over off this being able to be tracked I was advised it would be raised again with the investigations team.

I had no response from this and requested Klarna raised the dispute, however Klarna have advised there is little they can do due to my protein advising the return number is not correct.

I have left 2 reviews on trust pilot, both with responses but no reply when I have provided information about my issue.

I have reached out on Facebook for over 4 weeks and am no further forward, I am still waiting for your investigations team to look into it but it’s been a long 5 month .. I have even posted on evris Facebook page and they have responded to advise the parcel left the warehouse to my protein on 14/9/23 but still no further forward. The whole experience and customer service has been absolutely disgraceful and I will ensure everyone I know stays well away from this company.

The way this has been dealt with has been absolutely shocking, I have proof of conversations with customer service, I have the tracking number, I have proof that this parcel can be tracked and also have a returns receipt.

I am emailing as a last resort as this was not resolved quicker.

The stress this has caused, given the amount the parcel has cost, and the poor customer service I have received has been difficult

especially around an already challenging time for most. I have asked for advice on social media and have also emailed my local MP Bridget Phillipson and am hoping to take this to the local Newspaper if this is not resolved.

Suggested solution:

I would like a refund given that the parcel has been returned, I have the tracking number, I can track it, and Evri are saying you have it. As a customer I thought my protein had a duty of care to me but clearly not. I don’t understand what more I can do

Issues with a returns
Issues with a returns
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