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My complaint:

It is absolutely shocking to be informed now just before the cruise season that there will be changes to the beverage packages and its prices etc. This should have been communicated when bookings opened for this season so we as customers could be aware of the steep cists involved. It is not far to us who have booked a year in advance and budgeted accordingly, obviously taking into account slight price increases on the beverage voucher system. However these prices are insane, how much coke can one drink in a day. For eg: R1895 for a non-alcoholic package, I have two cabins booked with 4 adults, that will total to R7580 plus two kids at R759 each which will be R1518 for two. So I need to pay R9098 just for drinks??? COME ON MSC, what are you doing? This is South Africa, not Europe, we cannot afford these prices as average earning people. Cruising used to be an affordable holiday for South African and the voucher system worked great, I understand price increases but from R306 to R1895 is insane. I for sure will not be cruising with MSC going forward as it has just become unaffordable. MSC need to go onto the facebook cruise pages and read the concerns of the people, you are going to lose many customers due to these changes. Very Disappointing!!!!

Suggested solution:

Go back to drinks vouchers

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