MSC Cruises complaint: Missed Greece!

Complaint from CRUISER23 reported on 13 June 2023 about MSC Cruises

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My complaint:

Booking ID: 43588889
Stateroom Number: 8238
Ship and Sail Date: MSC Armonia on Jun 03, 2023

I am filling an official complaint in regards to the above mentioned trip, and three staterooms I purchased. We for half way across the world to spend a day and a half in Mykonos, Greece. Upon our arrival the captain Paused out side the island for 30 minutes and left Because of “wind.” Although there were Other cruise ships who were able to safely tender their guests ashore. The destination was not replaced by an alternative port. When inquiring with staff this was the first time a captain had left the port of Mykonos, Greece. We cannot regain this experience! We paid for port charges and destinations which weren’t fulfilled. Additionally the ship is understaffed, the staff is overwhelmed and unfriendly. The servers and bar tenders work against one another. We purchased drink packages, but trying to get a drink was a nightmare! The cabins need to be deep cleaned, vacuumed under the beds, and the port Windows were filled with dead bugs. Everyday I went in search of pool towels as they were not replaced. There were permanent unremovable hands prints on our bath room wall, which the staff could not remove. The food on this ship is terrible! Usually a highlight of a cruise is good dining experience, the staff is overwhelmed and not friendly. I had to constantly ask for more wine. The pasta and risotto were undercooked and flavorless every day. The fish dishes were fishy and not fresh. The head chef needs to address the poor quality food. I have been on over 14 cruises, with 5 different companies.. MSC does not measure up! Typically cruise staff is accommodating and friendly And we give additional and substantial gratuity to compensate. Not this staff! Although I do believe it if not their fault but rather upper management. A server told me they were treated “like crap!” In the salon a worker said this was “The worst ship they have ever worked on!” And ed the poor quality of food aboard the ship. I am embarrassed to have take my family, on our 30th Anniversary trip, and apologized everyday for the low quality we endured for 7 days! I expect a full refund if the 3 cabins purchased, so we have the opportunity to redo our plans.
Please respond within five business days. I will be following up with MSC directors in the corporate offices until this matter in resolved appropriately.

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