Complaint: Phone catches on fire while charging

on 25 August 2019 about Motorola in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

I plugged my phone in and set it on my desk . about 25 to 30 minutes later i smelled something burning like plastic.
I went to my office and the room was thick in smoke and i looked over at my desk and my phone was on fire . i ran to it and knocked it off my desk on to the floor when it started shooting out fire balls in every direction.
I then kicked it to the sliding door that goes outside and it hit the door then stuck to it. Then it fell off back onto the floor and i kicked ot out the door. Where it continues to shoot out balla of fire.
This happened on easter sunday 2019. Its now August 24th 2019 …. 4 months and after everything Motorola denied my claim thru a 3rd party named Gallagher and Bassett.
Now no one will answer my calls or emails .
I am only wanting to be reimbursed for the damages the phone caused which is only $4200.00 which could be a hell of a lot more had my house burned to the ground or someone was injured..
They forced me to send them the burned up phone which i did and certified mail. And have a lot of pictures of phone and damage to my personal things.
They are claiming the the back of the phone was not there which in the pictures you can clearly see the back.
Then they claim that the battery was forcibly removed.
There is a hole in the burned up foil of the battery.
For one the battery was completely burned up the foil i guess is all that was left .. Remember the phone was shooting out fireballs. That could explain the hole in the foil . hmmmm i bet thats what caused the hole…
Anyways im trying to just get what the phone caused in damages.. $4200.00 no more no less.

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Suggested solution:

To be reimbursed the $4200.00 the phone caused in damages.
I wanted to let you know that i received phone back via FedEx yesterday..
Still no calls or emails or nothing from these people..

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