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I rented a room on the 28th of February and it is March 6th now and I cannot believe how disgusting this place is I husband is tons and tons and tons of money here and not only do the policy says it’s clean environment here it is the most downright disgusting filthy place I’ve ever been the maze don’t even come and bring you clean sheets towels toilet paper nothing and when I had asked to get some they told me no not to mention every time I would pay for the room they would overcharge me so therefore I really hope that this company or this corporate office can do something for me cuz I am very highly dissatisfied very dissatisfied and also every time I come here there’s always a problem and I don’t like how your employees here had called me a liar are you kidding me !! The motel 6 employees should never disrespect a customer I also had asked for a room change because all day and all night there’s dogs barking non-stop the smell of weed coming through my room had really made me sick and when you complain about that they don’t do nothing about it it’s really disappointing. Then they tell me what time I can leave and come in my room when it’s most convenient for them are you kidding me I should be able to leave and come back whenever I want I’m a grown adult who’s paying for a room. I have the time to key cards don’t work for the door and not to mention I really really either want all my money back for the thousands I spend here or you can give me two weeks free and I really don’t want the two weeks for free but I can guarantee you if something doesn’t resolve for me I am suing the crap out of all of you and I’m taking it to the news!!!!! Also there’s cockroaches here !!!

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Is she first saw my complaint by giving me my mom my money back or I really don't want it two weeks free but something has to be done as right now thank you.

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