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28 complaints last year
1.2 /10
58 ratings

Motel 6 complaints:

disgusting room

Complaint from on 18 September 2022 about Motel 6 in category Hotels / Motels

mole in air conditioner mole around base boards mole around window sills room looked like it was nt sweep or moped under beds disgusting holes in walls light out bathroom desk n tv very filthy sheets stained light cover full... Read more

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Complaint from on 22 August 2022 about Motel 6 in category Hotels / Motels

Good Afternoon can someone from management or corporate please reach out to me at 757-652-7244 concerning our stay at motel 6 in Norfolk VA. On August 15 and 16 management in the office was aware of the situation it's continued... Read more

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Dirt Nasty Bed

Complaint from on 20 June 2022 about Motel 6 in category Hotels / Motels

The room was not cleaned the entire time there and sheets never changed. When we asked for sheets they said they would bring them the next day and never did. The day we left we took the sheets off the... Read more

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Filthy room. Loud quest’s

Complaint from on 31 May 2022 about Motel 6 in category Hotels / Motels

Bodily fluids on the comforter sheets and pillows. Floor was not even swept. Tables and bathroom are disgusting! I’m a traveling nurse, who paid for 10 days at this motel, and I’m absolutely sickened by the shape of the this room.... Read more

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Credit Card Fraud

Complaint from on 11 May 2022 about Motel 6 in category Hotels / Motels

Reserved room for February 2, 2021 to February 10, 2021. Quoted by phone and email rate of $475.85. Credit card was charged $833.69. Read more

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Complaint from on 09 May 2022 about Motel 6 in category Hotels / Motels

I arrive in Riverside Ca. on April 9..(I had previously book for April 10-13. I am handicapped and I was given a room on the upper level. It took me 45 mins to get from the ground level with my... Read more

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Failure of disclosure

Complaint from on 02 May 2022 about Motel 6 in category Hotels / Motels

April 28 , 2022... Upon arrival I were forced to pay for room in a locked small space, with no air vents preventing air circulation... I explained that I were a travel Agent from Texas. No response. Around three... Read more

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