Motel 6 complaint: Manager Kept my belongings

Complaint from Firemanager reported on 30 October 2023 about Motel 6

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My complaint:

After checking out I realized I had left my Spen for my Samsung S22 ultra my body soap hair conditioner toothpaste and a bag of food with a jar of soup that I spent $28 all together at least $200 worth of items in the room. So I called and was told they hadn’t cleaned my room to come back they’d give me a key to let me go get my belongings. When I return the front desk girl calls house keeping they she had all my things and they were at the front desk. The girl goes to the back to get the manager he comes out yelling at me about the screen being popped off and a old cigarette but in the window saying I broke the screen and was smoking ( when first got to the room I opened the window and noticed the screen was popped off halfway and the old butt in the window I just left it all how it was never touched it again the screen pops right back in not broken at all and the butt looked months old. So I explained this to him he yelled back at me my house keepers clean the rooms every day they would have noticed it prior day. I explained they obviously didn’t notice the window or butt maybe the window was closed like when I came in so they wouldn’t have noticed the butt or the screen on the 4th floor he got mad and said pay him $200 for damages to the screen and smoking or I could have my things back that he would keep them for himself. Told him I wouldn’t pay him for a screen you literally push back in or smoking as the butt was old dry and had old water stains on it so he yelled for security and grabbed his phone to call the police have me removed from the property and u can never return. All I wanted were my things back and now there nasty mean thieving manager has all my things. Well I was researching on line and found out I’m not the first he’s played this on he just made out with my things instead of cash

Suggested solution:

Return all my items or pay me my $210 for tge night back so I can replace my things the stylus alone is $99.99

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