Motel 6 complaint: Continuing police harassment

on 27 October 2022 about Motel 6 in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

I was just laying down again and I heard a group of men talking about how they had a tack warrant and we’re going through Mary janes CRV without cause or reason for doing so. I heard that this has to do with wanting to arrest Kenneth *** **** again with another false charge here in Santa Ana county. He just bonded out two days ago that false charge began on Oct 03 2021 and is still pending. And i calledI him a human trafficker and that got a big response out of the group outside illegally going though my friends car.

Suggested solution:

It would help Kenneth **** **** if you can get involved with his legal matters in a whole. He’s an international speed chews champion and he has done some rather impressive stuff in his short career as a U.S. Marshel Elect Cealel ed by a judge in minute report when his case first began.

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