MetroAccess complaint: Overly aggressive driver

on 30 August 2022 about MetroAccess in category Public Transport

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My complaint:

I saw a metro access van was parked directly in front of my house so I kindly asked the lady to move she responds “why you don’t own the street”. I actually wasn’t able to successfully pullout my driveway with ease like normal because she is parked at the foot the driveway. She intentionally parked there, considering there are a bunch of spots to park over here. I am not sure why she felt the need to be rude but it was uncalled for. In addition, this is the same van I have seen over here MULTIPLE times. The driver will come over here and SIT for hours every other day..but you can’t be picking up someone if you are sitting in the back of your van for hours at a time. I have proof, in addition NO ONE on the street we live on, receives metro access assistance. This is considering loitering trespassing. If she is not fulfilling a job, meaning picking someone up or dropping them off she should not be just “chilling” in the neighborhood. It is not a block party, it’s a freaking suburb. In addition she said to me just now as she drove off “you mad I took your parking spot” my mother witnessed it all. She said in addition “I’ll be back and I’m going to sit right there” meaning she INTENTIONALLY sat in that spot blocking the driveway. I have it on video too but you all don’t let us upload those here I see

Suggested solution:

She needs to know not to park directly in front of someone’s house if you not picking them up. Or how about don’t hang out on the street if no one is receiving assistance.
Orrrr how about not talking to people crazy when they ask you practical questions. I asked her to move so I could park in front of my house. Or maybe she needs to do her job instead of hanging in this neighborhood everyday. I gotta video of her sitting in the back of the van with the engine on, that’s not work. That’s letting time pass on the clock

Overly aggressive driver
Overly aggressive driver
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