Mercari complaint: Account was closed and funds are on hold

on 19 July 2022 about Mercari in category Online Services

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My complaint:

I made 4 sales with Mercari, 3 louis vuittons that are preloved (since they are old some purse had their strap or other hardware remade or replaced and the full condition of those purses I told the buyer since 3 preloved LV purse they only have one buyer, I even agreed to her prices because she saw my purses on my Facebook page and fully aware of what she will be getting) the other sale is a new kate spade satchel that was never been used and I still have receipt when I bought it from kate spade.

Anyway days after the buyer received their items, I never got a message from buyer or any complaint but suddenly mercari closed my account on grounds of selling counterfeit item. First of all I have a brand new Prada purse with tags intact, it was bought from stock x and was authenticated by prada store as well, that specific purse is listed on ebay,tradesy,stock x and real real and never got any complaint but Mercari sent a message to me that they failed to verify the purse if it is authentic. So their claim that I sold counterfeit is completely sketchy. My only concern is what is going to happened?

The funds are in hold and God knows if I will be able to get it? I lost 4 purses with no money back? I lost at least a thousand dollars and I am not hearing any explanation from Mercari besides the message that I got that I violated their rules and my account was closed and I have no access for funds. So what? They never tell me what’s going to happen items.

Suggested solution:

I would like them to return my items if they are not gonna give me access to sales funds. They can be claiming the items that I sold are counterfeit but they are not! And those costs me money. I paid real money on those! If they are not paying me give it back to me! I started selling my personal stuff because I needed funds for medication but it turns out they will be the main cause of my stress and sorrow and I am not going to spend money on shipping or whatever because of their incompetence.

Account was closed and funds are on hold
Account was closed and funds are on hold
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