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My complaint:

Back in the winter I put up a review in Google about this location. I’ve gone there for years because of the service, value, great drink and good potatoes. However, twice in a row, I went there and had horrible service and on one occasion everything about my to go order was wrong. Corporate messaged me, but I didn’t respond because my health got worse. I have end stage renal failure and because of my blood pressure, I can’t get a transplant.

In the last month I returned to the location for the root beer and potatoes, some of the few things I can eat and drink. During this time, a register employee with purple hair was told about my disease and has been AMAZING! As soon as she sees me, she gets my root beer ready. She helps me with ingredients I shouldn’t eat. She is super kind.

Then I went in today. A male employee with a pony tail was working the register and looked past me to a larger party in line and when they said they’re still looking at the menu, he started to walk away. I asked what about me and said sternly, What do you want? I said that sounded rude and said what is your name and what do you want? Again with attitude. The purple haired employee got my root beer and I said I would wait for her. He said rudely, fine and started to walk away. I asked for the manager and he said no problem with a smirk on his face. The manager came over and immediately defended the employee even before asking what happened. When I tried to explain, the manager kept asking for specific wording as though I’m a recorder or something. She gave a half hearted apology and walked away. The female employee took my order and was again awesome and kind.

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Suggested solution:

Reward the purple haired girl for her customer service and kindness to a really sick person who spends a lot of money at this location.

Remind management that although its hard to get employees these days, it doesn't give them the right to treat a customer like they are less than. Businesses are going out in Tulsa regularly because of bad value and worse customer service. The one employee and the root beer are the only reason I come back. But if Im not welcomed, Paneer is not far away. Do better.

The good and the bad
The good and the bad
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