Complaint: Horrible service

on 14 March 2021 about McAlisters Deli in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

My family and I went to eat there today around 2pm
We stood in line to order for at least 15 minutes
Only one person taking orders
We finally ordered and went and sat down and had to wait over another 30 minutes before I went to the counter to ask where our meals were
I went up to the counter and the same lady that took our order grabbed our food that had been there waiting and getting cold
She took the food to our table
My son couldn’t eat his French Dip because the sandwich was so soggy from sitting before he got it
His salad only had a small piece of chicken and he said he didn’t even want to eat that salad
My husband had a side of broccoli and there was only 2 pieces in the bowl
I told the lady about it and she said that is what you get and that they just put it in a bigger bowl
Our food was cold
We were so disappointed!!
The music was loud in the restaurant and my son saw 2 female employees dancing and jumping around as they both headed to the restroom
I saw at least 6 employees at the restaurant so I don’t know why we received horrible service
It seemed that the lady the rang us up was the only one doing all of the work and she couldn’t keep up

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Suggested solution:

The employees need to start working together and stop slacking off
Customers do not need to see employees goofing off when they are waiting for their food

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