Maxi Canada complaint: Bad client service

Complaint from Heribe reported on 05 February 2024 about Maxi Canada

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My complaint:

II bought a bag of bread with a 30% discount, when I get home and open the bag I find that the bread is moldy, unbreakable. The next day I am going to request that the product be changed and the only response I get is, our return policy does not allow us to do so. We asked the supervisor to escalate our request and it was denied. After more than 30 minutes of discussion, the supervisor finally called her superior (after telling us that she couldn’t do it), who authorized the return of the money. Wasted time, a bad moment and all for a bag of bread that, although it was 30% off, does not authorize you to sell products in poor condition, which can harm the health of your customers. Staff with little training and no desire to solve the problem. I have been your client for many years, unfortunately I have no desire to return, one less client for you.

Suggested solution:

Changing your return policy and trainning better your stsff

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