MassDOT complaint: Filed for Hardship 5 months ago and still no response

Complaint from STOP MASSDOTEXPLOITAATION reported on 26 October 2023 about MassDOT

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My complaint:

I filed for a Hardship waiver back in the beginning of July 2023 because I have lost my home, my job, and was about to not be able to renew my cars registration because of past massdot fines. I was asking MAssDot to waive the thousands of dollars in fines they were charging me for not having a credit card or bank account on file . I asked them to waive the fines based on my sevweral hardships so that I could pay the tolls only and renew my cars registration. I have still not heard anything fvrom them 5 months later.

Suggested solution:

Acknowledge my hardship request so that I can pay the tolls and renew my registration and licence.

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