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on 15 September 2020 about Marlboro in category Tobacco / 420

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I smoked them for years. Im 68 years old and went to a store 4 hours ago and bought a pack of your product that tastes exactly like accidentally lighting the wrong end of the cigarette by mistake and lighting the filter. I tested seven cigarettes out of his pack and put every one of them out after three puffs. They are so horrible tasting that they are impossible to smoke. I went to a gas station that I noticed in my neighborhood doesn’t have many customers and I asked him at 5 a.m. in the morning are those cigarettes fresh? And he told me yes. I drove back home right down the block from where the party store is and went through seven cigarettes and realized that every one of them taste like you’re smoking the filter. Absolutely horrible and I’ve got the rest of the pack here to prove it. I can’t smoke anymore. I’m going to save this pack and from my understanding every time I try to return them you cannot return cigarettes. You cigarette companies have a great Monopoly don’t you? Because every time I try to return cigarettes in the past they say they can’t do it. So what are you going to do about it. I got the pack right here and I cannot smoke another cigarette because your product is absolutely horrible

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I think that this gas station is buying fake Marlboro products and selling them to the public because there is no way better cigarette can taste this bad for $8 a pack. Contact contact this gas station and give me a call because I don't not go to them normally and I even asked the person I know you don't get a lot of business so please tell me that those cigarettes are not going to be stale and nasty tasting. And he told me that they are fresh. So now what are you going to do about it. I can't return them for a new pack and put a stop two people pretending to sell your product when there is no way that Marlboro good taste this horrible send a representative to my place right now locally in Oxford Michigan call me at 248 466 4926 and have someone who smokes go up to that gas station buy a pack of Marlboro Lights and see what they're doing to your reputation. Send me a coupon for a free pack and I will use it somewhere else that I know has your fresh cigarettes

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