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Bad filters

Complaint from on 09 September 2021 about Marlboro in category Tobacco / 420

I purchased two packs of Marlboro lights (now gold pack). To my surprise, the filters were not white but brown. While smoking this pack, five of the cigarettes broke at the filter and I was unable to smoke.... Read more

Crushed cigarettes

Complaint from on 21 August 2021 about Marlboro in category Tobacco / 420

I bought 3 cartons of Marlboro mental shorts when I was vacationing there because they were cheaper then home in Wisconsin and a bunch of the cigarettes in each pack are all messed up at the end the paper is... Read more


Complaint from on 11 August 2021 about Marlboro in category Tobacco / 420

I bought a carton of Marlboro Lights at tobacco store and some packs had excessive paper hang off the end and I had to cut them off to see the end of filter. Read more