Complaint: Defective filters on numerous cartons of Marlboro Red Soft Pack Shorts

on 02 August 2020 about Marlboro in category Tobacco / 420

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My complaint:

In at least the last eight cartons I’ve purchased of Marlboro Red Soft Pack’s, there’s a minimum of 8-10 cigarettes within the carton that have had defective filters, in that the filter completely separates from the rest of the cigarette while I’m smoking it and holding it in my hand. What’s odd is that the filter in these cases is always double-ended and obviously some type of malfunction that’s happening during processing. Because the end of the filter closest to the tobacco is closed and not open, it comes unattached during smoking because there’s only a thin layer of paper keeping it attached. The first time it happened, I thought it was must a one-time weird glitch but now I keep finding them in each carton I purchase, which is becoming costly because these cigarettes are NOT cheap! This needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY!

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Fix whatever is causing this malfunction. I can't be the only one this is happening to and I've not only burned holes in my clothing when these defective filters suddenly fall off the cigarette and the cigarette lands in my lap but I've also burned myself as well. This is dangerous.

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