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on 13 January 2022 about Lowes in category Household Goods, Interior shops

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My complaint:

I need a hot water heater. I talked to Sam at Lowes Pueblo CO and he assisted me. Very nice guy. I was ready to buy the hot water heater but I also needed it installed. Sam organized the installation with an installer who was supposed to come out to my house, look at the area and hookups needed to install the hot water heater, and give me a quote for both the hot water heater and the installation fee. The installer gave me a call and told me they don’t do work in my area, zip code 81006. His number is 1-603-615-7000 but I didn’t get the name. So now I’m left without a hot water heater and an installer. I never knew Lowes discriminated when it came to what area of town they are allowed to work in. I always shop at Lowes but from now on I’ll take my business else where.

Suggested solution:

Since Lows won't do the work, and I was unable to buy the hot water heater, there is no need to resolve this complaint. But I will be sure to let everyone, who will listen, know what happened and that I will no longer be a loyal costumer.

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