Lowes complaint: Complaint Regarding Unprofessional Attitude of Customer Service Representative

Complaint from Thurmond reported on 02 February 2024 about Lowes

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My complaint:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention a highly disappointing experience my husband and I had with your store’s customer service representative at the Bobby Jones location in Augusta, Georgia. Our encounter was not only frustrating but also immensely unprofessional, leaving us deeply dissatisfied with the level of service we received.

On January 29th, my husband visited your store to rent one of the rental trucks available. However, the entire process of obtaining the truck turned out to be exasperating as the employees at the store failed to locate the keys necessary for the rental. Consequently, my husband was compelled to spend several hours searching for alternatives at other stores, only to return to the Bobby Jones location when informed that the keys were, in fact, available and had been kept in a binder all along.

Following this unfortunate incident, I contacted your customer service department this morning to request an extension on the rental period for the truck. Regrettably, my conversation with the customer service representative was far from satisfactory. Instead of addressing my query professionally, she displayed a rude and uncooperative attitude, expressing her inability and lack of willingness to accommodate my request. This brusque and dismissive behavior is unacceptable and does not align with the professional values and conduct that should be expected from your employees.

While I understand that the decision to extend the rental may not have been within the representative’s authority, it is of utmost importance that every customer

Suggested solution:

However they can

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