Loreal complaint: Allergy to Mascara

on 06 October 2022 about Loreal in category Personal Care

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I bought Mascara from L’Oreal September 20, 2022, to use it on my holiday in Crete in the period September 21-28, 2022. I put Mascara on at the airport in Copenhagen September 21 around 6:00 in the morning and flew to Crete.
When I arrived at the hotel at 12:00 on the same day, I suddenly had a white glow over my left eye, the next morning it had not disappeared so my husband and I drove to the doctor, at the doctor it was found that I had a reaction in the eye , got some cream, and had to come back the next day.
Overnight my right eye also started getting a white cast and both eyes hurt I couldn’t see anything due to pain, we went to the doctor again who immediately referred us to an ophthalmologist who diagnosed an allergic reaction in both eyes, got some other eye drops and after another 2 days in the hotel, a total of 4 scary days. I thought I was going blind and was very depressed. Then I could start the last 3 days of my holiday.
Please advise how this will be handled from your end

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Allergy to Mascara
Allergy to Mascara
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