Complaint: My Pizzas Were Served to Me by an Employee with DIRTY HANDS

on 11 April 2020 about Little Caesars in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Hello, I visited the store (5022 W Ave N, Palmdale, CA 93551) on 41020 at approximately 8:30 pm. I ordered 3 pizzas. The gentleman who took my order was polite and made my order. I then observed him cleaning up the store. He picked up 2 rugs off of the lobby floor and placed them behind the register area. The rugs, I assume, were used as a catch all from the rain to prevent slipping. The employee then proceeded to take inventory of pizza boxes with his hands and handle the register. I became concerned when I saw him walking to the area where the pizzas were baking. He then touched items in that area. My fear became a reality when the employee took my pizzas out of the oven and placed them in the boxes, that he handled with dirty hands and no gloves. He then sealed the boxes with a sticker that reads Peace of Mind. He handed me the pizzas and I politely explained to him that I observed that he handled my order without washing his hands or using gloves. His response was Oh. I then explained that I wasn’t trying to be mean or cause problems but I was concerned that he had handled 2 dirty rugs and then proceeded to complete my order. He replied that he did not touch my pizzas. I then replied that he touched the boxes and then sealed them with stickers that I would then need to touch. I again told him that I was not trying to cause a problem but had it been another customer he might’ve had a problem. His reply was that it doesn’t matter and I replied that it did matter because times are very scary with this Coronavirus going around. I told him that anything could be on thos rugs and the he touches the rugs and then my order. He offered to remake my order. I didn’t, but should have, took him up on his offer. I should’ve just asked for a refund instead. The only reason that I am complaining is that this is the 3rd incident in 3 weeks. 3 weeks ago I observed an employee scratching his head and placing his hair behind his ear before handling assembledprepared pizzas and placing them in shelves on a cart. 2 weeks ago I observed an employee wearing gloves but using the cash register and a phone that looked dirty before handling food orders. I have been a Little Caesars customer for at least 3 decades. My family frequent this location at least once a week. Not to accuse or offend anyone but maybe more older and seasoned workers should work alongside these younger employees who really don’t think about what they do. They have to be more careful. Please help. THANK YOU for your time.

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Suggested solution:

I ask that Little Caesars provide better cleanliness and customer training and Professional Development for their employees. I do not believe firing an employee is the answer. We all make mistakes and it would better serve this employee to learn from his mistake so that he will do better, as the saying Know better, do better. I want to add that the whole time that the employee and I were talking, his SupervisorManager was right next to him and NEVER interjected with an apology, nothing. She just stood there. An acknowledgement would have been the professional thing for her to do. Again, having a bunch of teenagers in charge of your store at this unprecedented and uncertain time is not the best look for your company. I look forward to your response. Thank you.

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