Little Caesars complaint: Charged twice

Complaint from Stephaniem31 reported on 03 June 2023 about Little Caesars

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My complaint:

Hi I was charged on Saturday 05/27 for 6 pizza 3 cheese and 3 pepperoni two crazy bread combos and 2 orders of mild wings that day they forgot to a pepperoni pizza a order of mild wings and the crazy bread combos w the sauce It was my daughter birthday I didn’t go back I called right away spoke to a manager on duty yessina.a she told me come back when I could to get the missing items and ask for her she would put in journal.

I explain to her my husband throw away receipt she said no worries come in we will take care of it today I went in same location to get missing items at 2175 E Irvington Rd, Tucson, AZ 85714 location as for her as she said she would be on shift she came out said of I didn’t have receipt nothing she can do as I have the card I paid with she could have pulled up I proceeded to get the large pizza wings sauce and crazy bread.

She now charged me another $20.90 for the missing items I already had paid for on Saturday as being a manger she was very rude disrespectful and don’t a care in the world to resolve the issue all she stated was oh well u don’t have the receipt as she empathize on sat to just come on it and she would take care of it i would have never stop if I know that how she would be about missing items I already paid for the rudeness was so unprofessional.

I went ahead and paid the $20.90 as I didn’t cook dinner knowing I was told to come in so now I got charged again I don’t think this was fair and never again will I be back im sure there a way to show i paid for today visit again along shows on my card transaction this is so wrong and I would like my credit or my money back I asked her is there someone above you I can talk to no I’m only sup on shift and you have to go through me I paid for the pizza.

I didn’t anticipate to make dinner and had my kid with me but this is wrong on all levels If someone can call me regarding this I would greatly appreciate I work in the medical field way more important matters than pizza I deal w surgery on body parts and never do u treat a patient or customer like this. Making me feel like she ate rotten food spit and chew me on so wrong. It was such an embarrassment it wasnf just the fact of the missing items it was the principal of the matter and I would like to be called on this matter I would greatly appreciate people shouldn’t be treated this way after hours.

Suggested solution:

I would likey money credit back this is wrong on all levels

Little Caesars complaint Charged twice
Little Caesars complaint Charged twice
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