Complaint: Unfairly targeted over theft

on 25 April 2022 about Lidl in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I was in the que in lidls and one of the staff comes up and goes Melissa you card never went through the last time you were here. It was for nearly 25. I goes that can’t be right I always wait to make sure it clears before I leave. He just said I’m sure we can get all this straightened out. I goes do you want me to go up and get a mini statement to show it cleared that it was taken out. Keep in mind the tills were busy. He said that would be great. So I went back upto major to the ATM. Got a mini statement . Went back to lidl. Ask the staff can I have a word away from the other customers. But he wouldn’t move so I showed him the statement. He took it went to the back. Left me standing there. He came out with the shop manager in front of other customers. Said your going to kill me but it wasn’t you. It was the lady behind you we apologise they left. I got a few bits. Then at the til he comes up with the cashier who apologise and said sorry I didn’t mean to accuse you of your card not going through. I said fine. The fella then gives out to her and she said how was I meant to know. I paid for my stuff and left.

Then on advice from my parents that I did nothing wrong and have nothing to be embarrassed about and after a few minutes of anxiety outside of the shop I went in. Only to find the manager looked at me and then quickly looked away and the cashier who originally accused me laughing and joking at the till. This is a girl who is after given me extreme anxiety and she was laughing and joking at the till.

I emailed their customer service and at first i was ignored. When i was eventually answered back they didn’t even read the complaint properly. After awhile the kept ignoring what i was asking and today the blamed human error. Still not answring any of my questions.

I was wrongfully target by both management and the cashier as I was known from coming to the store as I live in the area. The cashier made a huge mistake that day and because she knew me I was her escape goat. The management also made a huge error by making a scene on 3 occasions all because they knew me.

Suggested solution:

I want 8000 thousand euro in compensation. That's what I would get if I went to court. A quick Google search would show your similar cases where they wrongfully accused people of theft and that's what they were rewarded.

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