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My complaint:

One checkout person always asks me to put my Lidl trolley at left side of the checkout station. I see no reason for this. On the phone Head Office did not really know either, saying that it must be a regional rule. No other Lidl store asks me to do this. Since I had a stroke in 2017 causing a left-sided peripheral vision defect, I find this practice extremely annoying. What’s wrong with keeping the unloaded trolley at the END of the conveyer belt, making it so much easier just to put the items in as they come to me on the belt ? I wear a lanyard also but that is in case I accidentally ram another customer with my trolley as I negotiate the store’s aisles. No other Lidl store or in fact no other supermarket asks me to do this and I am getting really sick of it. No problems at all at Morrison’s, Marks Spencer or Waitrose, the first of which is my favourite supermarket. Shall I be banned if I refuse to obey their superfluous instruction ? I want answers but I get nowhere with Lidl. I’m thinking of instructing my friends and family and neighbours to boycot Lidl, and I might even make it more public than that. In USA the customer is always right and that should be the case here. I have been using Lidl stores all over Europe on my BMW Club tours since 1976 until 2017, until the stroke made the DVLA take my driving licences away, for both cars and motorcycles. I also don’t wear a mask in supermarkets because I was diagnosed with asthma many years ago. The stupid positioning of the trolley means that the checkout person and I am too close together, in my opinion. Thanks for reading this.

Suggested solution:

Stop the unnecessary practice and condyuct themselves like a normal supermarket. P.S. There are no ''best before'' dates on any of their fruits and vegetables, or at least none that I could find. Thanks.

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