Lidl complaint: Poor labelling

Complaint from Rach9520 reported on 07 October 2023 about Lidl

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My complaint:

7/10/23 purchased profiteroles from my local store with my 7 year old daughter as a treat, as a family this was a massive deal as we don’t normally purchase such treats. My daughter was super excited.
The box label says “cream filled choux pastry covered with a rich chocolate sauce” so we picked two boxes up.

We finished our evening family meal and then get out our pudding which we were all looking forward to. We slow our daughter to have the first one. I then had one myself only to be shocked to discover that I could taste alcohol !!

I was absolutely mortified that I had just given my 7 year old daughter alcohol !! I was sobbing and sobbing. How did this happen ? I then checked the back of the box for the ingredients and it does say alcohol but it’s not in bold and not mention on the front of the box. Why would anyone check to see if the profiteroles have alcohol in them ? Other well known supermarkets don’t. I’ve checked this evening.

I am so disappointed and feel so guilty that she’s had a substance which is meant for adults. Not to mention the fact her first taste of alcohol should have been her decision and not because of some food.

Suggested solution:

Call me !

Change how you package items

Lidl complaint Poor labelling
Lidl complaint Poor labelling
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