Lidl complaint: Manager bad manners

Complaint from VitorNelson reported on 23 October 2023 about Lidl

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My complaint:

After I made my shop at Lidl on the 23th of October 2023 and paid.
Leaving the shop the alarm biped and the manager stopped me and ask to see my bags and I reply that is ok.
I asked the manager to put everything back in the bags after he inspected my shops.

He refuse and started to challenge me.
This manager have very poor skills of dealing with the customer. He thinks because he his a manager he can behave as a police men. With arrogance and not understanding that is not my fault as a costumer that after I paid my shop the machine doesn’t.

I hope Lidl deals with this manager because is a very poor worker with lack of education and manners.

Suggested solution:

demote the manger or move him to other place. I live near Lidl and I make my shops there.
And also teach him manager manners to deal with the public.

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