Liberty Mutual complaint: Not doing her job

Complaint from Insuranceisascam reported on 20 January 2024 about Liberty Mutual

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My complaint:

Advisor is rude. She doesn’t do her due diligence. I have proved proof of innocents to her. This has been going on for almost a year. I had informed her I did NOT want to use my insurance. That I had only noticed them due to the fact I had not received the other drivers informed. She pushed my insurance through.

Now they are telling me I’m on the hook for the deductible. I NEVER gave her concent to move forward with repairs with my own insurance. She told me after I proved my innocents in court that I was proven to only be at 30% fault. That the other company was going to take care of the repairs.

Suggested solution:

I\'m definitely not at fault for any deductible as I did not concent to us my own insurance. I told her NUMEROUS TIMES. She sent the check anyways. Still have it.

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