Lastminute complaint: cannot use refund on booking

Complaint from kri reported on 04 April 2024 about Lastminute

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My complaint:

First, I made a booking for a hotel with a flight. The flight date was changed, but after inquiring, the hotel reservation was not updated.

Then, the flight was cancelled, and I requested a refund. As a result of the cancellation, I would receive 50 euros less for the refund, but 25 euros more if I chose to have the refund on my account. I opted for the latter.

Next, I made a new booking and made an initial payment. Upon receiving the voucher code, I found out there were two limitations: it could only be added at the beginning of the booking process and should be from the same email account.

After contacting the help desk, I was informed that a cancellation with a full refund to rebook was not possible, resulting in losing the money for the flights.

I am currently attempting to file a complaint and still hoping they will add the refund to my current booking. This situation is unacceptable. Losing money due to cancellations, and changing terms after selecting an option is frustrating and unfair.

Suggested solution:

I want a refund for my booking or full cancellation with a refund, so that I can use all of the vouchers for one future booking for my trip.

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