La Quinta Inns & Suites complaint: Lied about price, filthy rooms, showers that don’t work, cigarette smoke in non-smoking rooms

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My complaint:

We checked in to the La Quinta Inn in Reno, NV, on 2-24-23 in the late afternoon, put our things away and went to an early meeting. We arrived back around 21:30 hours and went to bed. The next morning my wife attempted to shower first and the knobs fell off the shower and we were unable to use the shower at all. We had to go to an all-day event without showering. My wife had to wash her hair in the sink. As we were leaving a maintenance man was walking by and I told him the shower doesn’t work. He went inside and after inspecting it he said he would have it fixed by evening.

We returned early evening and it was not fixed and still unusable. I went to the desk and told the clerk. He moved us into the room next door. It stunk like garbage and cigarette smoke. I looked behind a table to plug in my cell phone and dirt and cob webs completely covered the electrical outlet. I had to use a paper towel to wipe it off before I would touch it. The baseboards were equally as dirty. The carpet appeared to have food smashed into it and was very dirty.

After i went to bed I kept smelling garbage so I checked the nightstand drawers because that is where the smell seemed to be coming from. When I opened the top drawer there was a take-out meal with part of the food still on the plate inside. It had been there a few days. The next morning when I got into the shower the floor popped up and down at least an inch, almost enough to cause you to lose your balance. There were no handles or floor mats and the floor is concave. It was very hard to stand on. The shower floor was also a dirty brown color. The entire complex smelled like cigarette smoke outside as well as inside. None of the TV remotes worked and the buttons were missing on one of them. Both rooms were equally as filthy.

When we booked the room, I was quoted a price of $75.00 per night plus a two-night pet fee of $50 and taxes for a total of $219.50. When I checked out the charge was $287.20. I didn’t notice it because we were in a hurry to go to another meeting that morning.

I sent Wyndham Corporate a complaint through their web page and received a reply from the motel in Reno apologizing in broken English, but no offer of compensation. Corporate referring the complaint back to the motel in Reno is much like the Fox guarding the Hen house!

This is their reply: Thank you for choosing to stay with us at Wyndham property La Quinta at Reno. We are truly sorry to read the issue you experienced. Be assured that it’s not the kind of service that we would like to offer you and I understand your dissatisfaction. On behalf of the hotel, please accept my apologies for any dissatisfaction you experienced during your visit. I will share your comment to relevant department to check and make necessary improvement if required. You can be rest assured such issue will be looked into to avoid recurrence. We appreciate your feedback as it enabled us to improve our standards. Best Regards, Customer Service | La Quinta – Reno

I looked on line for other complaints about the Reno La Quinta and there are many going back at least a year. At one time it was a nice, reasonable motel. The rooms were always clean and the non-smoking rooms didn’t smell like cigarettes. It used to always be full on weekends, but there were less than 15 cars in the parking lot all weekend. Apparently, the word had gotten out!

Suggested solution:

Total Refund!

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